Review for Raymond Thomas

Mr. Raymond Thomas is not only the best of the best when it comes to sprinkler inspections, but he is also a wonderful person. I have worked with Raymond for the past 13 years.  Raymond has serviced and inspected sprinkler systems for my customers in all types of settings, from chicken plants to hospitals.

Raymond has a work ethic and set of standards that always stood apart from anyone else I have ever known. Raymond is always on time, works hard to get the job done, and sends me his reports very timely.  Raymond is always professional. Knowing Raymond this long, I have also come to know the depth of knowledge he has in the sprinkler industry.  If I am ever in question of a code, or reference, I know all I need to do is call him.  I could never ask for anything more than the service that Raymond always provides. I am forever grateful for his services and friendship.

Ace Technologies Representative