Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to hiring hard working individuals from all backgrounds. Our employees are required to be either a U.S. citizen or hold a U.S. work visa, hold a valid driver’s license, pass a pre-employment drug test as well as random drug testing throughout their employment. A high school diploma, GED, and further education is preferred, but not required to be successful and climb the corporate ladder at Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co.

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I have been an employee at Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. for 22 years, before Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. I was with Grinnell (another fire protection company) for 5 years and I have a total of 50 years in the fire sprinkler industry. When I came to Georgia Automatic in the year 2000, I was the first Inspector the company ever had. Over the years I’ve seen the leadership rolls change hands at Georgia Automatic and no matter who sat behind the big desk up front I have never had to question the loyalty or abilities of our leadership. One thing I have struggled with in the past are the constantly changing codes, and keeping up with the new equipment and valves that we must service. In the past few years we have changed how we do our record keeping and integrating the new IPads has proven to make my day to day tasks more simple and easier to manage. If I had to make a 5 year plan I’d have to say I look forward to being happily retired. Lastly I’d like to tell anyone interested in beginning a career at Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co., if you want to make it in this field, show up on time, stick to your job title, stick to your job titles responsibilities, and always keep an open mind when it comes to further educating yourself.

Raymond Thomas

I started working for Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. in 1997. I guess you could say I’ve been here for 26 years but it’s actually closer to 26 and a half. In 1997 I started at the bottom of the food chain as a helper, but was able to make my way to foreman within a few short years. Before joining the fire sprinkler industry, I was a laborer for Roundtree Construction for a year and a half. The best part about working for G.A.S. is that I never have to worry about getting a full 40 hour work week and there are many opportunities for overtime. Even though I’ve been in the field for 26+ years, I still come across challenges. No one ever knows it all, yet I am consistently learning something new. In the next five years, I would like the opportunity to try my hand at doing inspections. If I had to give a new hire some advice on their first day, it would be this; this job is not as hard as it looks, be patient, pay attention, apply yourself, and you will have no issues working with GAS.

Ray Simpson

Jason Redding, 21 years with the company, 25 years in the industry. I started out as a helper and worked my way up through pipe fitter and then to foreman. The best part about working here is getting to work with both literal family and a family of friends we call co-workers. One of the hardest challenges I face is finding young people who are motivated, will show up on time, keep their phones in the pockets, and are willing to learn. I’ve learned that if a new hire can show up on time, keep their motivation high, and have a willingness to learn there’s not much they can’t overcome. If the opportunities arise in the next five years, I’d like to be in the office helping with administrative work or doing inspections. Lastly, if a new hire or a disgruntled co-worker were to ask me for a reason to stick with it, I would do my best to instill the knowledge that they will never find a better leadership team than we have at GAS.

Jason Redding