Review for Raymond Thomas

Mr. Raymond Thomas is not only the best of the best when it comes to sprinkler inspections, but he is also a wonderful person. I have worked with Raymond for the past 13 years.  Raymond has serviced and inspected sprinkler systems for my customers in all types of settings, from chicken plants to hospitals.

Raymond has a work ethic and set of standards that always stood apart from anyone else I have ever known. Raymond is always on time, works hard to get the job done, and sends me his reports very timely.  Raymond is always professional. Knowing Raymond this long, I have also come to know the depth of knowledge he has in the sprinkler industry.  If I am ever in question of a code, or reference, I know all I need to do is call him.  I could never ask for anything more than the service that Raymond always provides. I am forever grateful for his services and friendship.

Ace Technologies Representative

Review for Raymond Thomas

I am writing to recommend the services of Raymond Thomas, Sprinkler Inspector. We have been using the services of Raymond Thomas with Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co., to coordinate repairs and inspections of our sprinkler systems for almost 20 years. We have found that Mr. Thomas is a very reliable and professional person; we are extremely satisfied with his services to our facilities. Mr. Thomas does an excellent job, is always punctual in appointments, and see’s that inspection report documentation is sent in a timely manner. I am happy to recommend the services of Raymond Thomas of the Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc..

Donalsonville Hospital Representative

Review for David Adams

David and his team at Georgia Automatic Sprinkler have gone above and beyond for us. Anytime we need something, they respond immediately. We had a water pipe bust on Christmas and they came out as soon as I called. I cannot recommend this company enough. Thank you for all that you do!

Range Water Real Estate Representative

Review for David Adams

Our company has had a professional relationship with Georgia Automatic Sprinkler for 15+ years, and during this time, our maintenance representative David Adams has never failed to deliver. If it’s scheduled periodic maintenance, he is always obliging to schedule around our production needs, and if there’s a trouble call, he’s never too busy to respond immediately. If he is out of the area, he always knows the mechanic most experienced with our system to send (always that day, usually within the hour), and once the problem is corrected, he and the staff make a point to tell me what happened, why, and what signs an operator could look for. In 30+ years of maintenance work, I’d be hard pressed to find an equal to the service provided by David Adams & Georgia Automatic Sprinkler.

Corteva Representative

Review for David Adams

I have known David for over 13 years as a business customer of Georgia Automatic Sprinkler company. David has always been available when needed and promptly takes care of the need.

David knew of a need when we were hosting a booth at the community Relay for Life and offered his personal grill for the students and staff to use. It is hard to find businesses that uphold the level of integrity shown by David.

GMC Representative

Review for Lance Tucker

I first met Lance Tucker from Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. in 2015 when I was the safety assistant at D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston Ga. He explained everything about the sprinkler system to me being that I was new to the position. His company was always willing and helpful when I needed them. In 2017 I started with Folkston Ice Processing facility as the safety manager and kept using Lance and Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. In 2021 I started working for Serta Simmons and now he does our service here as well. He always answers the phone when I need him, even on the weekends. I have never had any issues from him or Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co., they have always come through when I needed them. Great company to work with!

Serta Simmons Representative

Review for Buddy Hall

We would like to say how amazing your company is! Your customer service is unmatched, Buddy Hall completes the job quickly and efficiently. Our company uses Georgia Automatic and Buddy Hall for all our backflow needs. We truly appreciate your company and look forward to a long relationship.

Roger Budd Co. Representative

Review for Jeb Cody

Have been working with Jeb for some time now on small and large projects. Jeb and team are extremely responsive with any situation whether it be non-urgent to the emergencies that must be addressed within a time frame. Team goes the extra mile on every job and provides quality service. An all-star team who cares about the customer and gives excellent workmanship. Emphasizing their integrity there had been a point a contractor (not Georgia Automatic) had advised there would have to be a full fire pump replacement that had been estimated over $100k. Jeb and team had agreed to provide a second opinion and found the system in fact did not need replacement but some TLC, the findings saved roughly $80k and avoided the location from having to endure an entire replacement as well as being without FLS. By the time Jeb and his team left FLS was fully restored, and system purred like a kitten. Haven’t had any other issues to this day and that took place roughly six months ago. Highly recommend Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Company and Mr. Cody who will make sure all is working as it should be and be supportive to all needs to keep assets, buildings, and most of all you safe.

Telgian Representative

Review for Georgia Automatic Sprinkler

I have personally worked with GA Automatic Sprinkler Co. for over 19 years and find them to be a well-managed and reliable contractor.  Their knowledge of the fire codes, quick design turn-around times, and competitive pricing have allowed them to become the premier fire sprinkler contractor in our area.  They perform excellent work, make safety a priority and above all are honest.  I would highly recommend them for any project large or small.

Artesian Representative

Review for Georgia Automatic Sprinkler

The team at G.A. is now my go to for fire suppression. After getting the run around from companies, dealing with companies that won’t finish the job and companies that just won’t show up, we are done looking. G.A. Was quick to respond, showed up when they said they would and completed the work as expected (they even cleaned up after themselves). Anytime I have a question, they are happy to help. Having quality subcontractors is crucial and G.A.S. is one that you can rely on.

Established Furniture Representative

Review for Georgia Automatic Sprinkler

Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. performed all our sprinkler system inspections and related work since prior to 2009.  The company has always provided professional and courtesy support for all work or inspections performed, including a 100 % complete sprinkler install in our facility during 2016. They continue to do all our inspections and any new renovated work currently. From my experience as a Facility Director, I would recommend this company to anyone or any other business.

Jeff Davis – Hospital Representative

Read What Our Employees Say About Working With Us.

I started with Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. in 2021 as a helper and have worked my way up to being a pipe fitter. Before I came to Georgia Automatic Sprinkler, I was traveling with National Boiler Services for 6 years as a welder/boiler maker. I have enjoyed my time here due to the consistency, competitive wages, steady hours, and reliable leadership. In five years I see myself driving home in a company truck, running job sites, and holding the title Foreman with pride. To the new guys who aren’t sure if this is the place for you,  I would say that you won’t find better co-workers. The men and women at GAS are always polite and happy to help any way they can, and the hours are awesome as well.

Kyle Ford

Hi, I’m Chris. I started with Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. a year ago. I’ve put in my share of blood and sweat over the year, but I couldn’t be happier working anywhere else. I can honestly say that the time I’ve spent here has allowed me to learn a lot about the industry and there’s still tons more to learn. The biggest struggle I face is the Die Head on the Power Machine, it has a mind of its own at times. I could see myself in a work truck of my own in 5 years, running job sites, & calling the shots but I’m definitely happy with my current job title and duties. If I was talking a friend into working here, I’d want them to know that patience plays a huge part and you can’t rush yourself. Also, its only hard if you make it hard. As long as you have the right attitude and mind set, this stuff is a cake walk.

Chris Kennedy

I have been an employee at Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. for 22 years. Before Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co., I was with Grinnell (another fire protection company) for 5 years and I have a total of 50 years in the fire sprinkler industry. When I came to Georgia Automatic in the year 2000, I was the first Inspector the company ever had. Over the years I’ve seen the leadership rolls change hands at Georgia Automatic and no matter who sat behind the big desk up front, I have never had to question the loyalty or abilities of our leadership. One thing I have struggled with in the past is the constantly changing codes and keeping up with the new equipment and valves that we must service. In the past few years we have changed our record keeping and integrated the use of IPads. This has proven to make my day to day tasks more simple and easier to manage. If I had to make a 5 year plan, I’d have to say I look forward to being happily retired. Lastly I’d like to tell anyone interested in beginning a career at Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co., if you want to make it in this field, show up on time, stick to your job title and its responsibilities, and always keep an open mind when it comes to further educating yourself.

Raymond Thomas

Jason Redding, 21 years with the company, 25 years in the industry. I started out as a helper and worked my way up through pipe fitter and then to foreman. The best part about working here is getting to work with both literal family and a family of friends we call co-workers. One of the hardest challenges I face is finding young people who are motivated, will show up on time, keep their phones in the pockets, and are willing to learn. I’ve learned that if a new hire can show up on time, keep their motivation high, and have a willingness to learn there’s not much they can’t overcome. If the opportunities arise in the next five years, I’d like to be in the office helping with administrative work or doing inspections. Lastly, if a new hire or a disgruntled co-worker were to ask me for a reason to stick with it, I would do my best to instill the knowledge that they will never find a better leadership team than we have at GAS.

Jason Redding

I started working for Georgia Automatic Sprinkler Co. in 1997. I guess you could say I’ve been here for 26 years but it’s actually closer to 26 and a half. In 1997 I started at the bottom of the food chain as a helper, but was able to make my way to foreman within a few short years. Before joining the fire sprinkler industry, I was a laborer for Roundtree Construction for a year and a half. The best part about working for G.A.S. is that I never have to worry about getting a full 40 hour work week and there are many opportunities for overtime. Even though I’ve been in the field for 26+ years, I still come across challenges. No one ever knows it all, yet I am consistently learning something new. In the next five years, I would like the opportunity to try my hand at doing inspections. If I had to give a new hire some advice on their first day, it would be this; this job is not as hard as it looks, be patient, pay attention, apply yourself, and you will have no issues working with GAS.

Ray Simpson